Books by Elena Santangelo

HANG MY HEAD AND CRY by Elena Santangelo
Released: April 1, 2001

A second historical foray for time-traveling Philadelphia office drudge Pat Monsella, whose move to the antebellum Virginia estate Magnolia that Shelby's arranged to leave her (By Blood Possessed, 1999) brings on (1) dreams that take her back to life on the estate over a century ago as seen through the eyes of slave's son Emancipation Jackson; (2) alternating narratives that toss the story back and forth between 1871 and the present; and (3) a skeleton unearthed from Miss Maggie's that brings the Reconstruction back to life in even more vividly unsettling ways. Read full book review >
BY BLOOD POSSESSED by Elena Santangelo
Released: Oct. 1, 1999

"An author who plots better might make it work."
Pat Montella hates her boss, hates her dead-end job, and is getting desperately down on herself when she receives the letter that changes everything. Read full book review >