Books by Elfriede Jelinek

GREED by Elfriede Jelinek
Released: April 1, 2007

"Much less accessible than Jelinek's best-known work, The Piano Teacher (1983), this is an unrewarding trek across a depressing landscape."
The male drive for property acquisition and sexual conquest is the theme of this murky postmodernist novel from the Austrian writer, winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Literature. Read full book review >
WOMEN AS LOVERS by Elfriede Jelinek
Released: July 1, 1995

"The banal horrors of everyday life, and the layers of love and dreams, are dissected with savage indifference: a chilling but truthful vision of women's precarious position in a society still dominated by money and men."
The lives of two young women desperate to improve their lots are contrasted in a short, sharp, shockingly frank assessment of sexual politics and modern life: a story (first published in 1975 in Germany) by prize-winning Austrian writer Jelinek (Lust, etc.). Read full book review >