Books by Elisabeth Lauffer

SO LIGHT, SO HEAVY by Susanne Strasser
Released: Jan. 9, 2018

"Such a heavyweight for such a light little book—delightful. (Board book. 2-4)"
The teeter-totter won't tip no matter how many animals are on it. What will it take to make the teeter-totter tip? Read full book review >
SO FAR UP by Susanne Strasser
Released: Jan. 9, 2018

"With its enjoyable read-aloud rhythm and animal antics, this board book 'takes the cake!' (Board book. 1-4)"
In this pleasing cumulative tale, a cake waits atop a tall tower, and a group of animals collaborates to reach the sweet treat. Read full book review >
ANIMAL INTERNET by Alexander Pschera
Released: April 12, 2016

"A truly thought-provoking book for animal lovers and technology enthusiasts alike."
In a "postdigital" era in which the Internet shapes much of our interaction with others, German media writer Pschera argues that animals can help us see the digital revolution in a new light—and situate ourselves within it more comfortably. Read full book review >