Books by Elizabeth Dewberry

HIS LOVELY WIFE by Elizabeth Dewberry
Released: March 20, 2006

"A clever premise, but Dewberry takes Ellen (and Diana) far more seriously than most readers will."
In Dewberry's fourth novel (Sacrament of Lies, 2001, etc.), a woman staying at the Ritz in Paris the night that Princess Diana dies finds herself re-examining her own identity as the trophy wife of a powerful man. Read full book review >
SACRAMENT OF LIES by Elizabeth Dewberry
Released: Feb. 1, 2001

"Run-of-the-mill psychological thriller tarted up with psychobabble."
Is the governor of Louisiana planning to kill his daughter because he knows that she knows he killed her mother to further his political and romantic interests—or is the daughter simply paranoid? Read full book review >
BREAK THE HEART OF ME by Elizabeth Dewberry
Released: Feb. 1, 1994

"Even readers heartily weary of abuse tales may get hooked by Vaughn's no-frills prose as her heroine attempts to piece her life together against all odds: a commendable accomplishment by an author with a unique and compelling voice."
A southern incest survivor struggles to find her way in love and work in this second from Vaughn (Many Things Have Happened Since he Died and Here Are the Highlights, 1990): a gritty chronicle whose honest passion makes up for an admittedly tired premise. Read full book review >