Books by Elizabeth Engstrom

YORK'S MOON by Elizabeth Engstrom
Released: Feb. 16, 2011

"Like her heroine, veteran Engstrom (The Northwoods Chronicles, 2008, etc.) is less interested in solving the crime than in bringing her shadow world to life, as she does with authority, compassion and grace."
Murder troubles the peace of a California hobo jungle. Read full book review >
SUSPICIONS by Elizabeth Engstrom
Released: March 1, 2001

"Wide-ranging stories despite the theme that binds them, but unfortunately also wide-ranging in quality."
Culled from 20 years of writing in a variety of genres including horror, SF, and erotica, the latest collection by Engstrom (Lizard Wine, 1996, etc.) contains 25 stories (all previously published) that, as the author's introduction contends, are linked by the common thread of suspicion. Read full book review >
LIZARD WINE by Elizabeth Engstrom
Released: Jan. 1, 1996

"Lacing her story with retrospective vignettes of broken families and poor-as-dirt poverty, Engstrom tries to keep things swift and scary, but, even given the psychosocial background, none of the final tragedy really seems earned."
Supertaut storytelling, after a dandy start, wanders off into pat implications of psychological trauma as the explanation for life's evils. Read full book review >
NIGHTMARE FLOWER by Elizabeth Engstrom
Released: Sept. 18, 1992

"Often inventive and fanciful, pat and pulpy, goose-bump yarns, many of which have appeared in horror, fantasy, and sf mags."
Engstrom, author of the interesting Lizzie Borden (1991), has labored in the horror genre before (When Darkness Loves Us, 1985) with uncertain results. Read full book review >
LIZZIE BORDEN by Elizabeth Engstrom
Released: Jan. 17, 1990

As she did in the horror tales of When Darkness Loves Us (1984), Engstrom again exhibits a bent toward the shivery improbable—though her rather stiff-kneed and openfaced style states horror more than tingles with it. Read full book review >