Books by Elizabeth Ferber

Released: Nov. 11, 1998

"A thorough, provocative discourse on just about every aspect of the joys and sorrows of all those involved in the adoption process. (For a look at adoption from the adoptee's point of view, see Sarah Saffian, Ithaka: A Daughter's Memoir of Being Found, p. 1365.)"
An absorbing memoir of one birth mother's experiences, interspersed with an array of narratives, musings, facts, and statistics on the theme of adoption. Read full book review >
SOON FOUND, SOON LOST by Elizabeth Ferber
Released: May 30, 1995

"An exotic African locale and some graceful writing can't save a story that relies so heavily on improbabilities, coincidences, and stereotypes."
A slender first novel revisits that well-trod territory of troubled mother-daughter relationships—and tries to revitalize it with a multicultural spin. Read full book review >