Books by Elizabeth George Speare

THE PROSPERING by Elizabeth George Speare
Released: May 15, 1966

"A pleasant novel of growing up, but transplanted rather than rooted in its history."
Traces of Mrs. Speare's previous three historical novels for "young people" (two of which won the Newbery Award) still linger in this, her first novel for adults. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 31, 1963

"It is a finely designed as book, valuable for libraries or private collections, and will make excellent supplementary reading for beginning students of American history."
The author, a two-time Newbery prize winner, has captured the spirit of life in early America by making worthwhile use of diaries, letters, travelers' tales, etc. Her extensive research is evidenced by the careful details, selectivity, and clear organization. Read full book review >
THE BRONZE BOW by Elizabeth George Speare
Released: Sept. 19, 1961

"Alive and colorful biblical fare in the well modulated manner of Elizabeth Speare."
Daniel of Galilee joins the powerful Rosh in the mountains and participates in the underground vowed to bend the bronze bow of Rome. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 10, 1958

"Kit's vindication, her gradual integration into the community and the positive effect she has on those about her, combine here in a well documented novel to rival the author's first work, Calico Captive, which received wide acclaim as a work of 'superior historical fiction'."
When young Kit Tyler comes from her Barbados home to colonial Connecticut, she is unprepared for the austerity of her uncle's home. Read full book review >
CALICO CAPTIVE by Elizabeth George Speare
Released: Sept. 26, 1957

"With the additional excitement of the French-English conflict this is a sterling calibre for teen-aged girls."
Vital and vivid, this short novel based on the actual captivity of a pre-Revolutionary girl of Charlestown, Vermont, presents American history with force and verve. Read full book review >