Books by Elizabeth Lutzeier

THE WALL by Elizabeth Lutzeier
Released: Oct. 15, 1992

"The author (whose The Coldest Winter, 1991, effectively dramatized Ireland's potato famine) treats her characters, and the German people, with respect, opening a window to a once-hidden society. (Fiction. 12-14)"
Trying to cross to the West, Hannah's mother has been shot to death at the Berlin Wall; for fear she'll be sent to a children's home, Hannah hides her feelings beneath conformity. Read full book review >
THE COLDEST WINTER by Elizabeth Lutzeier
Released: Nov. 13, 1991

"Smoothly written and well plotted to dramatize one of the sorrier sources of the age-old Irish resentment of the English, an engrossing story that brings its courageous characters and distant setting vividly to life. (Fiction. 10-14)"
The forces that sent one of the great waves of immigrants to the US are exemplified by an Irish family's troubles during the potato famine that began in 1846. Read full book review >