Books by Elizabeth Miles

ETERNITY  by Elizabeth Miles
Released: Sept. 3, 2013

"Fun to be sure, but also a case where shorter might have been sweeter—and more suspenseful. (Horror. 12 & up)"
An overall satisfying conclusion to a tale that imagines the Furies as three beautiful but terrifying supernatural sisters who thrive on vengeance against teens who they feel have done wrong. Read full book review >
ENVY by Elizabeth Miles
Released: Sept. 4, 2012

"The Furies make pleasingly vicious villains; horror fans won't want to miss this second in a planned trilogy. (Horror. 12-18)"
The Furies from Greek mythology return to terrorize high school students in this heart-pounding follow-up to 2011's Fury. Read full book review >
FURY by Elizabeth Miles
Released: Aug. 30, 2011

"The nod to Greek mythology may suggest a gothic tale, but this novel reads more like a screenplay for a modern teen horror movie—deliciously chilling, if a bit obvious at times. (Horror. 12 & up)"
The furies are reinvented in eerie modern form, wreaking havoc in the lives of a group of teens in a fictional Maine town in this spine-prickling debut, first in a planned trilogy. Read full book review >
MOLLY LIMBO by Margaret Hodges
Released: Sept. 1, 1996

"Masterful handling of intriguing material, accompanied by visuals that recall Arthur Rackham's work; this is an entertaining read bolstered by positive values. (Picture book/folklore. 5-8.)"
Hodges (Comus, p. 135, etc.) draws on various sources of English and Scottish folklore to create this beguiling story of a house haunted by Molly Limbo, wife of a pirate and currently inhabiting a room at the top of the house. Read full book review >