Books by Elizabeth Redfern

AURIEL RISING by Elizabeth Redfern
Released: March 8, 2004

"Absolutely stunning. A model of the genre."
If Agatha Christie had written historical fiction, she might have devised something as deliciously convoluted as Redfern's second (after the splendid The Music of the Spheres, 2001). Read full book review >
THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES by Elizabeth Redfern
Released: July 9, 2001

"Kick off your shoes, lean back in your favorite chair—and make sure your thinking cap stays securely in place. The Music of the Spheres demands an attentive ear, even as its multiple harmonies enchant and satisfy the senses."
A growing sense of intellectual excitement pervades this richly imagined and densely plotted debut, a worthy companion to such successful literary historical fiction as Iain Pears's An Instance of the Fingerpost and Matthew G. Kneale's English Passengers. Read full book review >