Books by Elizabeth Sims

Elizabeth Sims is the author of four novels comprising the Lillian Byrd Crime Story series: Holy Hell (#1), the Lambda Award-winning Damn Straight (#2), Lucky Stiff (#3), and coming this fall, Easy Street (#4), all from Alyson Publications of Los Angeles.

ON LOCATION by Elizabeth Sims
Released: Aug. 3, 2010

"Like George, you just have to love Rita, who's a great mom, a devoted sister and a helluva actress, even if Spielberg hasn't cast her yet. Deftly plotted, often droll, but so rainy throughout that you might want to read it with a pair of dry socks by your side."
Feisty Rita Farmer (The Extra, 2008, etc.) adds hatchet-brandishing to her repertoire. Read full book review >
THE EXTRA by Elizabeth Sims
Released: June 23, 2009

"Rita's sophomore outing leaves her playing second fiddle to Sims's more appealing sleuth, Lillian Byrd (Easy Street, 2005, etc.)."
Her work as a movie extra pays Rita Farmer's law-school tuition and almost gets her killed. Read full book review >
THE ACTRESS by Elizabeth Sims
Released: June 3, 2008

"In her first departure from her Lillian Byrd series (Easy Street, 2005, etc.), Sims crafts a page-turner from stem to stern."
A penniless actress hired to coach a woman on trial for killing her child finds even more mystery behind the case. Read full book review >
EASY STREET by Elizabeth Sims
Released: Oct. 1, 2005

"Though she's working without much of a plot, Lillian (Lucky Stiff, 2004, etc.) is a true original."
When you're a freelance writer eternally between jobs, what could be more innocuous than helping a friend rehab her house? Read full book review >
LUCKY STIFF by Elizabeth Sims
Released: Sept. 1, 2004

"Mushy pulp fiction that entertains but doesn't quite rise to its own ambitions."
Lillian Byrd (Damn Straight, 2003) is playing mandolin and passing the hat on the streets of Detroit when a childhood friend brings her past rushing back. Read full book review >
DAMN STRAIGHT by Elizabeth Sims
Released: June 1, 2003

"Though the plot's a tad thin, the Dinah and sports celebrities are well-handled, and there's much charm and deprecating humor in Lillian's instructions to Truby."
When Lillian Byrd's best friend Truby decides to give up on men, she insists Lillian (Holy Hell, not reviewed) coach her in the protocol of lesbian courtship. Read full book review >