Books by Elizabeth Subercaseaux

A WEEK IN OCTOBER by Elizabeth Subercaseaux
Released: Aug. 1, 2008

"Raises more questions than it answers, but Subercaseaux (Michelle, 2006, etc.) is able to keep the reader engaged through the depth and intensity of her characters."
An intriguing novel that raises issues of truth-telling, domestic deception and metafictional subterfuge. Read full book review >
THE SONG OF THE DISTANT ROOT by Elizabeth Subercaseaux
Released: Dec. 1, 2000

"One finds oneself wishing, metafictionally, that she—rather than the earnest Elizabeth Subercaseaux—had written this book."
In this oppressively magical-realist novella, Salustio, a self-styled Utopian visionary, "dreams" a village where freedom and equality flourish, and—rather like St.-Exupéry's Little Prince—goes in search of it, meeting en route many self-consciously symbolic figures (including, wouldn't you know it, a priest who converses with birds). Read full book review >