Books by Elizabeth Webster

DOLPHIN SUNRISE by Elizabeth Webster
Released: June 14, 1993

"Webster appends facts about the slaughter of dolphins—but it's unfortunate that the author has chosen a dweeb like Matt for their spokesperson."
Webster (Escape into Light, 1992, etc.) continues to boost noble causes to relieve the downtrodden (battered women and kids, mental patients, etc.), but stick-figure characters, awash in sentiment, are just not up to carrying a Cause—which is too bad, because the cause here is the rescue of threatened sea mammals, specifically dolphins. Read full book review >
ESCAPE INTO LIGHT by Elizabeth Webster
Released: Jan. 16, 1992

"Although this pastille dissolves even as one reads, and the French-dropping characters are un peu tiresome, the birds on Tunisia's lake are charmant."
Like Webster's Johnnie Alone (1988) and The Flight of the Swan (1990), here's another earnest, sentimental chronicle about an oppressed person who finds a new life—in this case, Tunisia is the setting for escape from darkness. Read full book review >