Books by Ellen Schreiber

ONCE IN A FULL MOON by Ellen Schreiber
Released: Dec. 28, 2010

Bestselling paranormal author Schreiber (Vampire Kisses, 2003, etc.) tries her hand at a werewolf love story. The town of Legend's Run is divided physically and socially between the rich, popular Eastsiders and the poor, looked-down-upon Westsiders. Celeste Parker, an Eastsider with compassion, finds herself drawn to newcomer Brandon Maddox, despite her friends' contempt for his Westside address. When Brandon kisses Celeste, against the warning of a local psychic, he transforms, and Celeste begins to suspect he is a werewolf. Frustratingly, the author explains very little about what "werewolf" means here, leaving readers to wonder why Brandon's transformation includes growing a goatee and attracting the attention of dogs but seemingly few predatory tendencies. Brandon is also inexplicably patient with Celeste's hiding their relationship from her popular friends. Still, bland heroine meets not-too-dangerous paranormal creature is a proven formula, and the author follows it faithfully. (Paranormal romance. 12 & up) Read full book review >
COMEDY GIRL by Ellen Schreiber
Released: Aug. 1, 2004

Goofy 17-year-old drama queen and comedienne Trixie Shapiro unexpectedly wins a contest at a local Chicago club and immediately is whisked into the stand-up scene. Hired temporarily as the club's emcee, Trixie discovers that juggling her new job with schoolwork, family, and a recently acquired hipster boyfriend isn't as easy as she expected. Her amusingly sappy schoolgirl dream sequences provide a much-needed boost to this otherwise predictable Jacqueline-Susann-rise-to-fame story. Unfortunately, Schreiber colors Trixie's characterization with a tiresome, obvious cache of jokes that unfortunately renders more groans than laughs. To her credit, however, Schreiber has dropped her exhaustive habit of ending every paragraph with an exclamation point, making her prose more proactive than hyperactive. And Trixie's sense of humor truly sparkles when Schreiber isn't forcing her to be outwardly funny, but instead subtly allows the humor to bubble to the surface in the guise of a teenaged girl's everyday confusions and pressures. Frenetically flaky and mildly humorous, this definitely has teen appeal potential even though librarians may find it wearisome. (Fiction. 12-15)Read full book review >
VAMPIRE KISSES by Ellen Schreiber
Released: Aug. 1, 2003

An awkwardly endearing tale of teen angst and Goth romance. Vampire-loving Raven is a misfit in the town she calls "Dullsville." Her black lipstick, combat boots, and sneering dislike of her classmates leave her nearly friendless. Dullsville has only one exciting feature: the Mansion, abandoned years before. Now the owners have returned, and Raven has never been more excited. A creepy butler, a mysterious Romanian couple nobody sees, and the gorgeous teenaged son, Alexander, populate the spooky mansion of her childhood vampire dreams. Alexander is perfect—a gothic prince, a dark and broody knight of night, maybe even a vampire! Alexander seems equally intrigued by Raven, who knows it must be love. In a sweetly silly climax, troubles in Raven's relationship with Alexander allow the townspeople of Dullsville to show themselves as fun and decent people despite their suburban sameness. Cheesily written, but cute. (Fiction. 10-14)Read full book review >