Books by Elliott Hester

Released: Nov. 1, 2001

"No high-flown adventure with Saint-Exupéry, and no more sincere than a flight attendant's 'B'bye!' at the destination's jetway, but it'll probably meet its modest aim of making the trip to O'Hare just fly. (7 b&w illustrations)"
A flight attendant's lighter-than-air view of his job and the crackpot customers for whom he cares. Mild-mannered, balding, big, and male in a heavily female workforce, Hester casts a jaundiced eye on human nature as it manifests itself squeezed into a metal tube and fed on questionable food with toy utensils. He takes off with descriptions of barf, then the really high adventure proceeds with tales of airborne vermin and other forms of animal life as well as brawling passengers and still other forms of animal life. There are attempted infiltrations from steerage to first class (it won't work), semi-nude passengers, and baby bottles filled with Classic Coke and sugar. Our attendant alerts us to layover shenanigans, bossy captains, addled cockpit and cabin crews, equipment failures, inadequate overhead bins, turbulence, and, naturally, air rage. Along with the toilet humor is a lot of chatty single-entendre about sex. And all with explicit adverbs, daring adjectives, and extravagant similes—yet it's no more offensive than a "yours-to-take-home" in-flight magazine. Newspaper clippings are provided to lend credence to the yarns. Read full book review >