Books by Emily Listfield

BEST INTENTIONS by Emily Listfield
Released: May 1, 2009

"Lively insights give way to predictable made-for-TV-movie fare."
Listfield (Waiting to Surface, 2007, etc.) combines domestic melodrama with murder mystery in this tale of a Manhattan couple whose secrets almost cause their downfall. Read full book review >
WAITING TO SURFACE by Emily Listfield
Released: Oct. 2, 2007

"Like the character Sarah, the novel is an uneasy mix that never quite rings true."
The novelized account of how Listfield (The Last Good Night, 1997, etc.) coped with the unsolved disappearance of her almost ex-husband, sculptor George Dudding. Read full book review >
THE LAST GOOD NIGHT by Emily Listfield
Released: July 1, 1997

"Smoothly told, realistically detailed cautionary tale buried in a frothy view of female yuppie wish fulfillment, roman Ö clef media gossip, and soap-opera morality."
The revelation of a nasty, melodramatic secret brings disgrace, danger, and redemption to a glamorous but self-absorbed TV news-anchor, in the fifth and most commercial novel yet from Listfield (Acts of Love, 1994, etc.). Read full book review >
ACTS OF LOVE by Emily Listfield
Released: Aug. 1, 1994

"Unfortunately, there are few surprises, and none of the blood-chilling suspense it takes to create a page-turner."
Listfield (Variations in the Night, 1987, etc.) sets her fourth novel in a suburb of Albany, NY, where a community is torn over whether the death of Ann Waring, killed during a quarrel with her husband Ted when his hunting rifle discharged, was an accident or a murder. Read full book review >