Books by Enid Richemont

Released: April 1, 1993

A half-hour of magical events occupies an entire chapter book: Danny's meeting with an ominous-looking woman takes a turn for the best when he lets her try his skateboard. After she vanishes, wishing him Christmas cheer, he discovers that if he imagines skateboarding in a particular place he'll be there- -whether it's up the side of a building, high above the Eiffel Tower, or zooming through space (as captured in Ormerod's lively drawings). After using Queen Elizabeth's royal bathroom, he heads home and the magic lapses; but Danny now believes himself capable of new and amazing tricks on his own—and thus is. This earnest tale of wishes fulfilled is a little too drawn out for good readers; the only suspense is provided by Danny's not knowing how long the magic will last. But fans of the sport who occasionally open a book may find this one to their liking. (Fiction. 8-10) Read full book review >