Books by Enrique Moreiro

WHY EXPLORE? by Susan Lendroth
Released: Sept. 1, 2005

What has compelled humans to explore the universe, what sacrifices have they made to do it and what kinds of things have they found? Lendroth uses rhyming couplets to give brief answers to these questions regarding exploration in all sorts of realms, including new lands, space, ancient civilizations and microscopic worlds. In a question-and-answer format, one character asks another why they would explore when it means they will be facing sacrifice and risk. The answers vary, from learning more about the world and improving the quality of life, to enjoying the freedom and danger of the journey. Moreiro's oil paintings capture the curiosity of both the explorer and the person questioning them. The beauty and wonder of the various realms are nicely rendered, especially the double foldout showing the vast openness of the wagon train's trail. An author's note gives more background information about each of the realms people have explored, and will give the curious a beginning point for their research. A good choice if a broad focus is the goal. (Picture book. 4-10)Read full book review >