Books by Eric Gabriel Lehman

SUMMER’S HOUSE by Eric Gabriel Lehman
Released: June 8, 2000

"A richly detailed, if sometimes too busy, tale of what can happen when the thermometer rises and action intensifies."
Three men scarred by family and failure find their lives unexpectedly intersecting as they survive a Manhattan summer: a time in the 1970s that's more a steamy dreamscape inhabited by the lost, lonely, and confused than a crisp-edged slice of reality. Read full book review >
QUASPECK by Eric Gabriel Lehman
Released: Aug. 3, 1993

"If this all sounds a bit hurried and cluttered, it is—but, even so, Lehman's confident orchestration of characters and incident finally makes for a literate page-turner that uses family melodrama to good effect."
A Doris Lessing-like chronicle—1970's-set, dense with detail- -about an upstate New York family with wounds too deep to heal without a tragedy. Read full book review >