Books by Esther Greenleaf Murer

THE SILENCE by Jens Bjorneboe
Released: Aug. 7, 2000

"Readers who don't know the earlier volumes, however, are likely to dismiss it as overheated, redundant ranting."
The final volume of Norwegian writer Bjørneboe's bleak History of Bestiality trilogy (first published in 1973, and preceded by Moment of Freedom and Powderhouse) is a discursive, accusatory lamentation (marginally reminiscent of Camus's The Fall) for "man the incomprehensible—endlessly evil, endlessly good—all-renewing, all-destroying." Read full book review >
POWDERHOUSE by Jens Bjorneboe
Released: Jan. 24, 2000

"Occasional echoes of The Magic Mountain aside: a work of striking originality and integrity."
The second volume of Norwegian author Bjørneboe's (Moment of Freedom, 1999, etc.) Read full book review >