Books by Esther Selsdon

LOVE'S THEATRE by Esther Selsdon
Released: April 1, 1995

Selsdon has anthologized some powerful writing, which she groups under six headings: Displacement, Anticipation, Alienation, Submission, Love, and Empowerment. ``Finally, and only in the late 1990s,'' she writes in a harmless introduction in which she sometimes seems to think she is inventing the wheel, ``women have started using reverse sexual imagery to its full logical conclusion—`empowerment.' '' (The late 1990s? They haven't happened yet.) Luckily, the introduction is brief, as are Selsdon's section prefaces, all of which suffer from a similar fetish for sociological simplification. Most of the selections themselves—by, among others, Emily Bronte, Pauline Reage, Jane Smiley, Dorothy Parker, and Mary Gaitskill—aren't erotica: They're more about the apprehension of sex than about sex itself. Happily, however, most are rich enough to defy the bloodless categorization that Selsdon tries to impose on them. Read full book review >