Books by Esther Tusquets

NEVER TO RETURN by Esther Tusquets
Released: Aug. 18, 1999

"Whether or not you respond to Tusquets' implicit agenda, you won't be able to resist Elena."
paper 0-8032-9438-7 Never To Return ($40.00; paper $15.00; 194 pp.; Aug. 18; 0-8032-4433-9; paper 0-8032-9438-7). Read full book review >
STRANDED by Esther Tusquets
Released: Sept. 10, 1991

A densely written ``stream-of-consciousness'' novel that explores the idea ``that the loss of love is always painful for everyone and surely much more so for women.'' Spanish writer Tusquets, a committed feminist and student of female sexuality, focuses here—in this third volume of a trilogy (her first US publication)—on heterosexual eroticism. Read full book review >