Books by Evan Zimroth

Released: Jan. 7, 1999

"Rather, she confides, damningly, she's written these stories so that she can 'dwell on them forever.'"
An attempt to publicly exorcise personal demons, this should have remained private—not because the book shocks, but because it fails to inform or persuade a reader. Read full book review >
GANGSTERS by Evan Zimroth
Released: Sept. 1, 1996

"Much of this is about as titillating as a Dead Sea Scroll, and far less credible, but there are hints of greater storytelling ability in the climax, as matters move from dalliance and duplicity to the basics of life and death."
An idealized attempt at kinky eroticism, laced liberally with theology, puts two adulterers in an empty Manhattan apartment where they can moan and shudder, then reflect on love and sin, in CUNY professor Zimroth's oddly dispassionate debut. Read full book review >