Books by Eve K. Sandstrom

Released: May 14, 1993

"Fine background detail, however, and endearing characters in this third adventure for Sam and Nicky (The Devil Down Home, Death Down Home)."
Photographer and former Army brat Nicky Titus, wife of Sam, the Catlin County, Oklahoma, sheriff, narrates this tale of modern- day cattle-rustling—which begins with the hit-and-run death of hard-pressed rancher Joe Pilkington. Read full book review >
THE DEVIL DOWN HOME by Eve K. Sandstrom
Released: Dec. 18, 1991

"Their rebellious, contrary-to- small-town vision is sorely missed."
In a disappointing second in the Sam and Nicky Titus series (Death Down Home, 1990), Sandstrom turns Holton, Oklahoma, into a generic ain't-small-town-America-cute? locale. Read full book review >