Books by Evelyn Anthony

BETRAYAL by Evelyn Anthony
Released: May 1, 2004

"Once you get past the references to Margaret Thatcher and the Berlin Wall, Anthony's brisk prose and admirable knowledge of clandestine derring-do make for a mildly adventuresome read."
First published in England in 1980, this umpteenth novel of romantic espionage from Anthony (The Relic, 1991, etc.) pits a British agent against a KGB defector, an American double agent, and a Russian mole within her own secret service department. Read full book review >
EXPOSURE by Evelyn Anthony
Released: March 1, 1994

Anthony's 33rd novel (The Doll's House, 1992, etc.) of romantic suspense offers a brace of powerful megalomaniacs, nice and not-so-nice lovers, assorted killers, and good guys sleuthing a hairsbreadth ahead of predators—all of it involving a journalist's dig into a WW II atrocity. Read full book review >
THE DOLL'S HOUSE by Evelyn Anthony
Released: Aug. 3, 1992

"Seamlessly styled entertainment—with tight action and a wry, ironic close."
Again, Anthony (The Relic, 1991, etc. etc.) melds romantic suspense and espionage thrills for a spirited diversion—this time involving a love affair that bobs crazily around a plot to rub out an Arab prince. Read full book review >
THE RELIC by Evelyn Anthony
Released: Aug. 14, 1991

"Indeed, this is a decidedly poor man's le CarrÇ, though not so poor that it won't amuse in its lightweight way."
The author of 3l romantic suspense and espionage novels (featuring the British Mata Hari, Davina Graham) here labors to answer the question: What's a cold war spy-story writer to do now that perestroika's come? Read full book review >