Books by Evelyn Lau

OTHER WOMEN by Evelyn Lau
Released: May 9, 1996

"In the end, a slight book from a still-promising writer."
A yearlong dalliance between an artistic young woman and a remote, powerful, married businessman, which, though never sexually consummated, becomes the girl's primary obsession—in a gifted young writer's first novel (but third sex-saturated, half- successful book: the story collection Fresh Girls and a memoir, Runaway, both 1995). Read full book review >
RUNAWAY by Evelyn Lau
Released: Nov. 1, 1995

"Outspoken but without insight, naive but capable of inflicting great pain: Lau's adolescent reflections aredespite their shock valueno more than that."
Sex, drugs, and an obsession with ``my writing'' dominate this self-absorbed journal of a nonetheless remarkable teenager. Read full book review >
FRESH GIRLS by Evelyn Lau
Released: March 9, 1995

"Drags on too long, despite the volume's slimness."
A collection of sordid short fiction about sex, initially seductive but ultimately disappointing. Read full book review >