Books by Felipe Rojas-Lombardi

Released: Oct. 9, 1991

"And Rojas-Lombardi's introduction, ranging from the Incas' ingenious irrigation methods to today's 30-some potato varieties and corn kernels the size of cherry tomatoes, provides an informative overview in a very few lively pages."
Squid ceviche, wild-turkey escabäche with figs, seafood tamale, quinoa chowder, tomatillo gazpacho, rabbit in chocolate sauce, a roundly flavored sweet pepper-dried chili-apple-hazelnut sauce to serve on potatoes, and a whole string of wonderful potato dishes: These are a few of the splendid, spicy, South American dishes that Peruvian born-and-raised Rojas-Lombardi, now a prominent New York chef and food authority, makes available in this genuine contribution to our culinary repertoire. Read full book review >