Books by Fen Montaigne

Released: Nov. 9, 2010

"Sobering, fact-based cautionary treatise on the quiet storm of climate change."
An online magazine writer witnesses the incremental damage of global warming firsthand. Read full book review >
SURVIVING GALERAS by Stanley Williams
Released: April 17, 2001

"Frightening and fascinating."
An expertly narrated account of natural mayhem, in the tradition of Into Thin Air and The Perfect Storm. Read full book review >
REELING IN RUSSIA by Fen Montaigne
Released: June 30, 1998

"The very stuff of footloose travel—strange companions, confounding situations, unexpected moments of fear and eye-popping wonder—told with a journalist's eye for detail. (Author tour)"
A quiet, evocative ramble through the Russian countryside by a former Philadelphia Inquirer Moscow bureau chief, who had made it his quest to fly-fish from the White Sea to Kamchatka and visit every Stalinist labor camp along the way. Read full book review >