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Fern Michaels is the New York Times bestselling author of The Real Deal, Crown Jewel, Late Bloomer, Trading Places, Plain Jane, and No Place Like Home, a novella that also features the Cisco family, and dozens of other novels. There are sixty-eight millio

Released: April 30, 2013

"A cute concept undercut by awkward writing, inconsistent, simplistic characterization and too many implausibilities to allow us to take the book or the ending seriously."
When Gus Hollister's gold-digger wife throws him out, he works to re-establish ties with his grandmother and great-aunts, whom he's ignored since his marriage and who have a few secrets of their own. Read full book review >
BREAKING NEWS by Fern Michaels
Released: Sept. 25, 2012

Four women in their golden years—a mother of a grown daughter and her lifelong friends, aka The Godmothers—experience new romantic and professional adventures, finding strength, courage and companionship in their bonds. Read full book review >
SWEET REVENGE by Fern Michaels
Released: April 1, 2006

"Michaels's fan base isn't likely to be increased by this improbable distaff pastiche of Mission: Impossible."
The Sisterhood takes on yet another evildoer in their endless quest to right wrongs against unjustly maligned women. Read full book review >
THE JURY by Fern Michaels
Released: Oct. 1, 2005

"Perennially bestselling Michaels (Family Blessings, 2004, etc.) spins a shapeless web of clichés without a trace of suspense or conviction. Even Nikki's sworn enemy Jack returns to her arms in time to taste some sweet revenge of his own."
The vigilantes of the Sisterhood take the law into their own hands once more, after devoting due consideration to exactly which law to break. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 19, 2004

"Christmas? An afterthought. But Michaels's millions of uncritical fans won't care."
Saccharine story of a candy queen. Read full book review >
CROWN JEWEL by Fern Michaels
Released: Dec. 30, 2003

"Michaels's cluttered style has been noticeably trimmed this time around, which keeps the over-the-top plot moving right along. For the fans."
Good brother, bad brother. Read full book review >
LATE BLOOMER by Fern Michaels
Released: Feb. 11, 2003

"Energetic melodrama in straightforward style from the ever-popular Michaels (Plain Jane, 2001, etc.)."
Just what did happen under the Judas tree so long ago? Read full book review >
PLAIN JANE by Fern Michaels
Released: March 1, 2001

"Not exactly the first time this author has featured noble dogs, convenient ghosts, and plucky gals."
Another formula romance from ever-popular Michaels (What You Wish For, 2000, etc.), this time featuring a talk-show psychologist and the men who wronged her college chum. Read full book review >
WHAT YOU WISH FOR by Fern Michaels
Released: Oct. 3, 2000

"The hugely popular Michaels (Picture Perfect, p. 1084, etc.) cranks up the soap-making machinery, but her direct style and breakneck pace keeps it humming. Improbable melodrama, mostly for the fans."
A battered woman begins a new life—until her psychopathic husband catches up with her. Read full book review >
PICTURE PERFECT by Fern Michaels
Released: Sept. 1, 2000

"Nor are cops and robbers the extent of Davey's problems in this menace-laden vacation from Michaels's customary sagas (Yesterday, 1999, etc.)."
After witnessing a conversation that linked one of his students to the drug trade that presumably killed him, Prof. Read full book review >
YESTERDAY by Fern Michaels
Released: Oct. 1, 1999

"Strictly for the fans."
Paralyzingly prolific romancer Michaels has her ups and downs, from the total nonsense of Finders Keepers (1998) to the exemplary plotting of Celebration (p. 103), in which a wealthy woman's husband flees with her bank account after a 20-year marriage, only to return years later with a sob story but minus the eight million he ran off with. Read full book review >
CELEBRATION by Fern Michaels
Released: March 1, 1999

"Michaels in pretty good form, though she's still fast on the fatal illnesses. (Doubleday Book Club alternate selection)"
Michaels (Finders Keepers, 1998, etc.), ever quick to kill or hand out a fatal illness when stuck for a plot turn, takes Kristin Kelly, married to Colonel Logan Kelly under the crossed swords of West Point, from Logan's German duty station at Bremen in 1987 to farm life in Leesburg, Virginia, now that Logan, after 20 years in the army, is being cashiered for having only one kidney. Read full book review >
FINDERS KEEPERS by Fern Michaels
Released: Aug. 1, 1998

"Paralyzingly ladylike junk that's bloated with redundant dialogue and that, going by Michaels's record, will sell."
Smashingly successful soapster Michaels (Vegas Sunrise, 1997, etc.) takes on Charleston, South Carolina, and the story of wealthy young Jessie Roland—old soap in a new wrapper. Read full book review >
VEGAS SUNRISE by Fern Michaels
Released: Oct. 1, 1997

"Far too many Thorntons and entrepreneurial schemes (casinos in Atlantic City, free-range chicken farms, fast-food restaurants, etc.) clutter this already jam-packed finale."
The final installment of Michaels's Vegas trilogy is even more over the top than its predecessors (Vegas Rich, 1996; Vegas Heat, p. 87). Read full book review >
VEGAS HEAT by Fern Michaels
Released: March 1, 1997

"Marcus Reed, and the introduction of a new and (of course) suspect branch of the family."
Michaels's second in her highly touted trilogy (Vegas Rich, 1996) is more like Vegas lukewarm: Far too many characters' personalities flip-flop 180 degrees, and an overabundance of fatal illnesses, vicious betrayals, reunions with never-before-met relatives, and general excess dilute the story instead of intensifying it. Read full book review >
VEGAS RICH by Fern Michaels
Released: Aug. 1, 1996

"It's hard to imagine what more can befall this family, but if history doesn't lie, Michaels won't disappoint her fans, and she'll sell this trio like hotcakes, too. (Author tour)"
A third hardcover (Seasons of Her Life, 1994, etc.) and the first of a trilogy from Michaels, no stranger to the saga series (the bestselling paperbacks Texas Rich, Texas Heat, etc.). Read full book review >
SEASONS OF HER LIFE by Fern Michaels
Released: April 1, 1994

"However, bear in mind the author's smashing success in paperback, including her Texas saga (5 million sold)."
A fat pancake of a novel, the author's second hardcover production tells the life story of one Ruby Blue—from an abused childhood and youth, to years as wife of a Marine, personal liberation, life in the world of industry, and her golden years in a rural retreat. Read full book review >
FOR ALL THEIR LIVES by Fern Michaels
Released: Nov. 1, 1991

"Choppy love scenes, wishy-washy characters, and dialogue that just won't float."
Another grande dame of paperback romance takes the hardcover plunge into soapy waters—with less-than-inspiring results. Read full book review >