Books by Fiona Paul

STARLING by Fiona Paul
Released: March 20, 2014

"Formulaic, anachronistic, undemanding. (Historical mystery. 14 & up)"
Cass and Luca return to Venice to clear their names and put an end to the Order of the Eternal Rose once and for all in this trilogy closer. Read full book review >
BELLADONNA by Fiona Paul
Released: July 16, 2013

"A wildly unlikely cliffhanger promises more of the same to come. (Historical mystery. 14 & up)"
The second in the Secrets of the Eternal Rose series finally begins to explore said secrets. Read full book review >
VENOM by Fiona Paul
Released: Oct. 30, 2012

"Those reading the book for the mystery will have given up long before it grinds to its tepid, 400-plus-page conclusion. (Historical mystery. 14 & up)"
A romantic potboiler set in turn-of-the-17th-century Venice. Read full book review >