Books by Flip Schulke

Released: May 1, 2003

A freelance photojournalist for half a century, Schulke has worked for Life, Sports Illustrated, Time, National Geographic, and People and has shot over 500,000 pictures, including 11,000 of Martin Luther King, the largest private collection in the world. Starting in high school with a "Baby Brownie" camera and pictures of parades, fellow students, and family portraits, Schulke went on to photograph Castro and the Cuban revolution, Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, John F. Kennedy, TV stars, popes, astronauts, and underwater life. The most stunning shots here are series on the Berlin Wall and Martin Luther King. In a volume light on text, heavy on striking images, it is clear that the photographer, now in his 70s and still working, has a feeling for history and context beyond the camera lens. Schudel mostly lets his subject talk, allowing readers to sense the passion and integrity of the man behind the camera. A lively introduction to the work of a fine photojournalist. (bibliography, information on cameras, index not seen) (Nonfiction. 10+)Read full book review >