Books by F.R. Tallis

Released: Feb. 15, 2016

"Elegant prose stylist Tallis (The Voices, 2014, etc.) evokes both the eerie loneliness of life aboard a submarine and the pernicious creep of paranormal forces."
A German submarine is mysteriously invaded by paranormal forces. Read full book review >
THE VOICES by F.R. Tallis
Released: Dec. 15, 2014

A composer jeopardizes himself and his family when he becomes a kind of ghost hunter.

Christopher and Laura Norton fall in love with a stately but slightly careworn Victorian house tucked away in a remote pocket of London near Hampstead Heath. It's a perfect place to raise their young daughter, Faye, and has enough room for Christopher, a film composer, to open a studio. Never mind the partially destroyed journal entries Christopher finds mentioning "secrets" and "manifestations and vanishings" or the strangely compelling cymbals-playing windup monkey he takes a fancy to. A few months after moving in, however, minor random incidents, accelerating in intensity and oddness, disturb the calm rhythms of their new home. Christopher hears voices that he thinks must be coming from an old radio somewhere in the innards of the house, a theory soundly debunked by an engineer named Kaminsky. There's also the time when Faye seems to disappear for minutes that, to Laura, feel like an eternity. And of course there's a return of that mechanical monkey, leaving Laura feeling menaced. Despite evidence to the contrary, Christopher chooses to see the voices, which he now presumes are ghostly, as benign and plans an exciting new composition that incorporates them. But his plan soon snowballs into an obsession that blinds him to Laura's genuine fears and puts them all in danger.

Inviting comparisons to Stephen King's classic The Shining, Tallis (The Sleep Room, 2013, etc.) includes many boilerplate components of the genre. But his incisive and beautifully observed storytelling trumps his clich
és to produce a genuine page-turner. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 15, 2013

"Layering several familiar elements expertly, Tallis (Death and the Maiden, 2012, etc.) creates a deliciously creepy mood of neogothic suspense."
A remote psychiatric hospital in the 1950s is the perfect setting for progressive treatments...and paranormal activity. Read full book review >