Books by Francis William Bessler

WILD FLOWERS by Francis William Bessler
Released: July 16, 2014

Debut author Bessler offers a collection of essays and songs about life and religion.
Born in 1941, this former seminarian, divorcee and avid blogger has a lot of opinions to share. Raised Catholic, though by no means adherent to Catholic dogma as an adult, he has a particular interest in the nature of God. He argues in this collection that God should not be thought of as an individual, but as a divine force found in all things. He goes on to say that no one needs to be saved or baptized to be part of God's presence, "BECAUSE ALL OF US ARE BORN IN GOD and there is nothing about us that should be considered shameful." He also argues against shame, power and other forms of control, and often focuses on the importance of appreciating the now and of counting others as equal (particularly with the equalizing power of nudity). Not all his thoughts are of unrestrained liberty, however: "Many—and maybe most—may disagree with me on this one, but I think coitus should be restricted to making babies." How do readers reconcile this view of intercourse with an openness to being photographed naked? The author, who claims to have been arrested for public nudity, is more than happy to explain. But what will readers make of this collection's frequent citing of the Gospel of Thomas, and its somewhat meandering personal letter to Pope Francis? If nothing else, it's clear that the author has taken the time to forge his own beliefs. Concepts such as "[s]hame is the foundation of all evil" may not appear extremely insightful, but taken as a collection, they form a picture of an intriguing individual who doesn't simply regurgitate the beliefs of others. Instead, his opinions come across as well-thought-out and earnest.

Readers interested in a unique belief system will enjoy many of this author's musings. Read full book review >