Books by Franco Lucentini

Released: July 1, 1995

"Taken either straight or satirically, though, it's a long slog to some pretty narrow pleasures."
One year after English visitor Barbara Graham's son Colin wanders from her side on the beach at the Tuscan town of Gualdana and is recovered by the local carabinieri, and one day after Girolamo Delaude's Fiat collides with Antonio Zeme's Volvo, Delaude disappears during a dark and stormy night, as do Zeme and his manic-depressive wife, Magda. Read full book review >
Released: June 19, 1992

"A clever, eventually successful tour de force, mostly for audiences who'd like to renew their acquaintance with Drood—and who don't mind paying top dollar for the privilege."
A bevy of fictional detectives—from Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown to Raskolnikov's nemesis, Porfiry Petrovich—convene at a conference in Rome to complete Dickens's last novel, left tantalizingly incomplete at the author's death. Read full book review >