Books by François Avril

Released: April 30, 2007

An artist-inventor achieves success by marketing interesting noises in this elegantly simple, tongue-in-cheek import. Strolling through the woods one day, Mister Bing—"A name with its future written upon it, like Doctor Pill or Mister Bread, the baker"—hears a twig fall on a stump with a "Klackata!" so lovely that he takes twig, stump and sound to market, and quickly sells them. Soon he's creating one sound-making gadget after another in his workshop, all of such quality that they're exhibited and sold as works of art. Ultimately, Bing passes the business on to his son, who goes into mass production, and then himself passes on, and is last seen looking down from "a realm of infinite silence . . . where, frankly, he is really very bored." Avril expertly echoes the smoothly translated tale's urbanity, depicting the ever-dapper Bing in white trousers, green plaid jacket and red bow tie, designing and assembling small, stylish widgets that, mostly, resemble modernistic flower vases. Young makers and collectors of sounds will cluck, sigh and perhaps chortle. (Picture book. 7-9)Read full book review >