Books by Fred Inglis

Released: April 28, 2000

"Although Thompson's reputation may ultimately rest on his prose writings, his poetry is a pertinent reminder that poetry can address major social and political themes without forfeiting its ability to speak to—and for—the eternal verities of the human heart."
Thompson's social consciousness is evident in his poetry as early as 1940 (when he was still at school) and remained the dominant feature in all his writing until his death in 1993. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 25, 1991

"A fresh and vigorous synthesis that humanizes the harsh march of history."
An ambitious and engaging attempt to capture the elusive essence of a half-century of confrontation on the brink of the nuclear abyss. ``The cold war has been an extraordinary show to watch,'' Inglis (Education/Univ. of Warwick) says here, covering, conversationally and ingeniously, the full range of the spectacle- -from politics to science to art. Read full book review >