Books by Gabi Swiatkowska

PLEASE, PAPA by Kate Banks
Released: May 14, 2013

"A lesson in manners for children with sophisticated visual palates. (Picture book. 4-6)"
Practicing politeness gets Alice almost everything she wants for her imaginary barnyard. Too bad the horse makes a request of his own. Read full book review >
INFINITY AND ME by Kate Hosford
Released: Oct. 1, 2012

"A stellar artistic vision of the infinite power of intergenerational love. (author's note) (Picture book. 5-8)"
Uma's struggle with the meaning of infinity offers readers a playful, gorgeous introduction to the mathematical concept. Read full book review >
THIS BABY by Kate Banks
Released: July 5, 2011

"While there are elements of brilliance, poor design decisions keep this title from reaching its full potential. (Picture book. 4-7)"
In this lushly illustrated poem, a baby grows in the womb, while through the seasons the soon-to-be big sister wonders who this baby will become. Read full book review >
THE EARTH SHOOK by Donna Jo Napoli
Released: Aug. 18, 2009

"A gorgeous, discussion-provoking read-aloud. (Picture book. 5-8)"
Human beings are so often vilified—justifiably—that it's refreshing to find a story that juxtaposes our species' finer qualities with its more monstrous ones. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 11, 2008

"Swiatkowska captures subtle changes of expression and signs of character in the faces and bodies of her figures despite using broad brushstrokes and streaky paint for the art—but that visual depth is not reflected in the spare, unsatisfying narrative. (Picture book. 6-8)"
In her third appearance, young Korean immigrant Yoon is disappointed when her mother gives her a folktale and an heirloom bracelet for her birthday rather than a coveted jump rope. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 3, 2006

"The magnificent illustrations are painted in a distinctive style with elements both impressionistic and surrealistic, perfectly suiting Yoon's changing world. (Picture book. 4-8)"
In their second collaboration about a Korean-American girl named Yoon, this team continues to explore the sensitive little girl's adjustment to living in the U.S. When Yoon learns about "Mr. Santa Claus" and hanging up stockings on Christmas Eve, she wants to have those traditions at her house, too. Read full book review >
WAITING FOR GREGORY by Kimberly Willis Holt
Released: April 1, 2006

"The paintings are dappled and disarming, but young readers may find the disquieting visual narrative a bewildering and curious counterpoint to the much more mainstream text. (Picture book. 4-8)"
Young Iris can't help but wonder how and when her baby cousin, who is to be named Gregory, will arrive. Read full book review >
Released: May 3, 2005

"A rich confection, beautifully delivered. (Picture book. 3-8)"
Opening with the full text of her lyrical unrhymed poem that begins, "Lovely the lateness / in summertime darkening," Payne recalls a summer evening where inside and outside merge. Read full book review >
ARROWHAWK by Lola M. Schaefer
Released: May 1, 2004

"Based on a true story and told in unemotional prose illustrated with beautiful, airy acrylic paintings, this will instill an appreciation for the beauty of birds of prey and their role in nature. (Picture book. 4-7)"
A poacher's arrow pierces a hawk and he almost starves—until he's rescued by humans and survives. Read full book review >
MY NAME IS YOON by Helen Recorvits
Released: April 3, 2003

"She is also surrounded by supportive adults, and her cultural heritage, though specified, is given such a low profile that she becomes a sort of everychild, with whom many young readers faced with a similar sense of displacement will identify. (Picture book. 8-10)"
An unhappy young immigrant seeks, and at last regains, a sense of self in this atmospheric, expressionistically illustrated episode. Read full book review >