Books by Gabrielle Donnelly

THE LITTLE WOMEN LETTERS by Gabrielle Donnelly
Released: June 7, 2011

"The Atwaters are amiable in small doses, but Alcott fans will find this chick lit's superficial relationship to the sneakily subversive Little Women insulting."
British-born Donnelly's first novel, payback for all the Americans rewriting Jane Austen, concerns a present-day London family with three sisters descended from and living adventures parallel to the eponymous Alcott heroines. Read full book review >
THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPH by Gabrielle Donnelly
Released: Sept. 8, 1998

"Still, when the Mystery is unveiled, it hardly seems worth the journey."
Britisher Donnelly (Holy Mother, 1987, etc.) offers a semicomic novel about the search for family identity that misses the mark—despite well-honed characters and good intentions. Read full book review >