Books by Gaëtan Dorémus

MY BABY CROCODILE by Gaëtan  Dorémus
Released: April 27, 2016

"A tender episode, if an odd one. (Picture book. 6-8)"
A huge crocodile and a tiny knight in pointy-visored armor bond—but, as might be expected, there are difficulties. Read full book review >
COYOTE RUN by Gaëtan  Dorémus
Released: March 31, 2014

"Silly, surreal fun: Deeper meanings, if any, are well-concealed, but who needs 'em? (Picture book. 6-8)"
A droll if severely abbreviated cowboy tale—wordless and with a decidedly loopy climactic twist. Read full book review >
EMPTY FRIDGE by Gaëtan  Dorémus
Released: June 1, 2013

"A delicious celebration of community can-do. (Picture book. 3-6)"
The many and varied occupants of an apartment house in a French city have been busy all day, talking on the phone, cycling, playing music, working, having lunch; so busy, in fact, that—quel désastre!—no one has remembered to buy any food! Read full book review >
BEAR DESPAIR by Gaëtan  Dorémus
Released: Sept. 11, 2012

"An imaginative and well-designed chase. (Picture book. 2-6)"
When Bear loses his beloved teddy bear, he will stop at nothing to get him back in this wordless romp. Read full book review >