Books by Gallagher Gray

A CAST OF KILLERS by Gallagher Gray
Released: Dec. 22, 1992

"Best suited for those with a high tolerance for camp—and a need to render the bizarre as cute."
The second case (Hubbert & Lil, 1991) for the contrived pairing of stodgy Theodore Hubbert and his octogenarian auntie, the zany Lil, finds the amateur sleuths ladling out overspiced chili at an N.Y.C. soup kitchen when an aged ex-chorus girl (stagename: Emily Toujours) keels over—dead from cyanide poisoning. Read full book review >
HUBBERT AND LIL by Gallagher Gray
Released: Dec. 29, 1991

"First in what has the look of being a stilted, amateurish series."
The forced-humor debut of T.S. Hubbert, a newly retired personnel director, and his octogenarian, quaintly bizarre Auntie Lil—the two of whom, archly analyzing the clues, unravel the murders connected with the stodgy, genteelly posh private bank Sterling & Sterling. Read full book review >