Books by Garret Keizer

Released: Aug. 25, 2014

"A well-written, yearlong chronicle packed with humor, pathos and valued insights on nearly every page."
A high school teacher who became a full-time writer returns to the high school where he taught for years. Read full book review >
PRIVACY by Garret Keizer
Released: Aug. 7, 2012

"A provocative and unsettling look at something most take for granted—but shouldn't."
Acclaimed essayist and Harper's contributor Keizer (The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want: A Book About Noise, 2010, etc.) conducts a philosophical meditation on the nature of privacy and finds that the "right to be let alone" is a lot more complex than many may think. Read full book review >
Released: May 4, 2010

"Keizer casts a broad net, gathering data from numerous sources in time and space, but his take-home message is simple—for a better, more pleasant world, tone it down."
The history of six millennia of human-produced noise and an examination of its political and cultural implications today. Read full book review >
GOD OF BEER by Garret Keizer
Released: March 1, 2002

"Thought-provoking. (Fiction. YA)"
Devastating consequences ensue when a group of high-school students stage acts of civil disobedience to protest various legal and social issues involving the use and abuse of beer in this original, provocative—if muddled—coming-of-age story. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 1991

"Instead of strip-mining his life for morals and epiphanies, Keizer would have done better to let events speak for themselves."
An overwrought account of a churchman's daily life, written by an English teacher who serves as ``lay vicar'' of a small Vermont parish. Read full book review >