Books by Gary Weiss

Released: March 1, 2012

"A scrupulous and sobering investigation, vital for our times."
Weiss (Wall Street Versus America, 2006, etc.) jumps headfirst into the complex socio-cultural maelstrom that was Ayn Rand, spotlighting her allies, enemies, nemeses and acolytes. Read full book review >
BORN TO STEAL by Gary Weiss
Released: May 14, 2003

"Inevitable allusions to The Sopranos aren't necessary. The cautionary saga of gangsters on Wall Street, told with insight and great wit, grips as tightly as a loan shark."
Before the masters of Enron and WorldCom ripped off innocent investors, there were the connected "Guys" in bucket shops and chophouses. Here, Business Week reporter Weiss follows the adventures of one hustler on the shady side of Wall Street. Read full book review >