Books by Genevieve Field

Released: Oct. 1, 2000

"Sex books are often avoided, and for good reason. To avoid the porn charge, they get too cerebral; to attract a sizable audience, they get too one-dimensional. Full Frontal Fiction avoids those errors. Like a good date, it's both smart and sexy. "
In the introduction to this story collection first printed on the Web site, Murnighan offers a simple definition of sex: "One body bumping against another." Out of this simplicity, he and co-editor Field compile a rarity: a sexy book about sex. Read full book review >
NERVE by Genevieve Field
Released: Sept. 23, 1998

The success of Nerve, one of the most trafficked online magazines, getting hundreds of thousands of hits a day, demonstrates how far you can go on marketing alone. To gather their content, editors Griscom and Field sent missives to a number of famous authors, pseudo-celebrities, artists, and photographers ranging from Norman Mailer to Jocelyn Elders to Andres Serrano, seeking their musings on sex. Thirty-five of the responses, both fiction and non, some dusty with age, are compiled here. There's Quentin Crisp on celibacy, Lars Eighner on sex among the homeless, a decades-old interview given by Mailer to another sex mag with literary pretensions, and stories and novel excerpts from Robert Olen Butler, John Hawkes, William T. Vollmann, et al. A few pieces are better than average, particularly the Mailer interview. But considering the illustrious contributors and the prurient subject, it's remarkable just how dull most of the book is. It's a user's manual with absurdly detailed instructions. Though the editors claim to have observed few taboos, in fact they—ve buffed and polished their erotica to a discreet, thin glow of middlebrow sophistication. Read full book review >