Books by George Samuel Schuyler

ETHIOPIAN STORIES by George Samuel Schuyler
Released: Dec. 5, 1994

"Proof that art and politics do mix."
Two intriguing 1930s novellas, fine examples of a then-popular genre: literary Pan-Africanism. Read full book review >
BLACK EMPIRE by George Samuel Schuyler
Released: Nov. 8, 1991

"Often quite intentionally sensational in style and content, and reflecting all the limits of instant publication, but, still, a remarkable portrait of an era—and a work of considerable imaginative force."
The first appearance in book form of the serialized fiction of the late black satirist and journalist Schuyler that ran, between 1936 and 1938, in the Pittsburgh Courier under the pen-name of ``Samuel I. Brooks.'' Divided into two parts—Black Internationale: A Story of Black Genius Against the World and Black Empire: An Imaginative Story of a Great New Civilization in Modern Africa—the book is part utopian in vision, part satirical, and part an eloquent indictment of white racism. Read full book review >