Books by George Tremlett

DAVID BOWIE by George Tremlett
Released: Sept. 1, 1997

"This sober look at one of pop's most mercurial icons will no doubt send fans scurrying to dust off their Bowie platters and listen to them anew. (photos, not seen)"
Despite his long-term access to Bowie and others close to him, British rock journalist Tremlett (Dylan Thomas, 1992, etc.) is stronger in its portrayal of the finances of the rock biz than in profiling one of pop music's most enigmatic figures. Read full book review >
GADAFFI by George Tremlett
Released: Dec. 3, 1993

"Of some use but, overall, not a book to inspire full confidence as a source. (Photos)"
A potted revisionist biography of Gaddafi, by Tremlett (Dylan Thomas, 1992). Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 1992

"Thomas sizzles and fries, straightens up to knock out a classic. (Sixteen pages of photographs—not seen.)"
Blistering but repetitious life of Thomas that leaves no part of him unwhipped; by the coauthor of 1986's Caitlin: Life with Dylan Thomas, which also was an oven-blast against the poet, directed by his widow. Read full book review >