Books by Gerald Hammond

Gerald Arthur Douglas Hammond is the creator of 'John Cunningham', dog breeder in Scotland and of 'Keith Calder', gunsmith. He also writes under the pseudonyms 'Arthur Douglas' and 'Dalby Holden'.

THE UNKINDEST CUT by Gerald Hammond
Released: Oct. 1, 2012

"Fans of Hammond (With My Little Eye, 2011, etc.) will find all the lightweight charm they expect. Those outside the charmed circle need not apply."
The knife-wielding thief who's added unexpected pizzazz to veterinarian Jane Highsmith's wedding returns to sow further discord in the Scottish village of Newton Lauder. Read full book review >
WITH MY LITTLE EYE by Gerald Hammond
Released: Dec. 1, 2011

"Charming but slight, even by Hammond's gossamer standards."
Not all the care a surveyor who's determined to develop an old Scottish house into a block of flats puts into choosing his fellow tenants prevents one of them from topping another. Read full book review >
A DOG'S LIFE by Gerald Hammond
Released: Feb. 1, 2011

"More village romance than mystery, and none the worse for it."
A Scottish novelist copes with the departure of his live-in lover and the death of his black Lab by taking on board a new dog, a new woman and more trouble. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 1, 2009

"The low-stress detection leads to two separate perpetrators, neither of whom Hammond (Crash, 2008, etc.) makes as memorable as the local canines. The hero and heroine, though, are charming."
Further proof that dogs and murder are the best ways to meet your new neighbors. Read full book review >
WELL AND GOOD by Gerald Hammond
Released: May 1, 2009

"Most likely to appeal to hardcore fans of Luke, who stoutly maintains that 'when they were handing out geriatric impotence…they never came to me.'"
Photographer Luke Grant's latest adventure begins with the disappearance of his great-granddaughter's swain. Read full book review >
CRASH by Gerald Hammond
Released: Dec. 1, 2008

"Veteran Hammond (Hit and Run, 2008, etc.) makes his hero and heroine appealing enough, but the two sides of the case never mesh, and the identification and pursuit of the criminals is even less interesting than the challenge of providing Dell with a new paper identity."
A Scottish solicitor's self-appointed holiday is ended by his attempt to provide proper documentation for an heiress injured in an accident—and to trace the sinister cause of the accident. Read full book review >
HIT AND RUN by Gerald Hammond
Released: June 1, 2008

"Anyone who thinks 81-year-olds are more interested in sex than teenagers deserves this preposterous potboiler from normally reliable Hammond (Waking Partners, 2007, etc.)."
An octogenarian investigates his granddaughter-in-law's unfortunate accident while caring for her two girls. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 2007

"Veteran Hammond (Cold in the Heads, 2006, etc.) explains all you may ever want to know about bird-hunting. An attractive setting and a flawed but likable heroine make up for the transparent mystery."
Fleeing an Edinburgh robbery/murder lands a resourceful Scottish lass in a dangerous situation that's not without its charms. Read full book review >
COLD IN THE HEADS by Gerald Hammond
Released: Feb. 1, 2006

"Veteran Hammond (The Hitch, 2004, etc.) provides an appealingly free-spirited detective but gives her precious little to detect in this low-stakes adventure."
An irrepressible freelance engineer's stint as a custodial grandmother comes to an abrupt end with the discovery of a corpse. Read full book review >
THE HITCH by Gerald Hammond
Released: May 1, 2004

"Not to worry: Veteran Hammond (The Snatch, 2003, etc.) provides just enough menace and malice to keep this caper from drifting from the crime rack to the shelves housing Modern Bride."
A Scottish bonbon for all the couples who thought their nuptials were nightmares. Read full book review >
THE SNATCH by Gerald Hammond
Released: June 1, 2003

"Feisty if uningratiating characters in a complex, imaginative, though not always convincing story."
A Scottish take on "The Ransom of Red Chief" with felonies obbligato. Read full book review >
ILLEGAL TENDER by Gerald Hammond
Released: June 1, 2001

"If this really is Hammond's final whodunit, he's quitting while he's ahead, with a cleverly plotted, lucidly written story, and a gently likable detective hero."
In what he declares will be his last mystery, the prolific Hammond moves Henry Fitts (Twice Bitten, 1999, etc.), who owns Three Oaks Kennels with his wife Isobel, into a starring role. Read full book review >
GRAIL FOR SALE by Gerald Hammond
Released: May 1, 2001

"The lively writing by veteran Hammond (Flamescape, 1999, etc.), plus the frank depiction of a felonious relationship between two likable protagonists, adds welcome dimension to an otherwise one-note sting."
Stranded by a breakdown on the barren moorland of the Scottish Borders, American antiques restorer Hazel Tripp reacts warily at first to Good Samaritan Jeremy Carpenter, as visions of assaulted hitchhikers dance in her head. Read full book review >
FLAMESCAPE by Gerald Hammond
Released: Dec. 1, 1999

Flamescape ($25.00; Dec.; 224 pp.; 0-7278-5501-8): In another break from his long-running series of Highlands tales of hunting, fishing, and murder (Bloodlines, 1998, etc.), Hammond unfolds the more urgent story of Jenny Ambleton, a budding photographer whose pictures of the house fire that killed David Oliver's inconvenient wife have attracted the interest of the constabulary—and of the firebug determined to get Jenny's negatives. Read full book review >
TWICE BITTEN by Gerald Hammond
Released: Dec. 1, 1999

"Slow, repetitive going."
Scotland's ex—Army officer John Cunningham (Doghouse, 1992, etc.) and his wife Beth breed gundogs at Three Oaks Kennels, with help from managers Henry and Isobel Kitts, and kennel maids Hannah and Daffy. Read full book review >
A RUNNING JUMP by Gerald Hammond
Released: Feb. 1, 1999

When Polly James, sick of the attentions of her mother's constant stream of admirers, does a bunk and hightails it to London, she's not the only one making a departure, since her author is leaving behind the Highlands landscapes so familiar to his fans (Bloodlines, 1998, etc.). Read full book review >
BLOODLINES by Gerald Hammond
Released: Feb. 17, 1998

"When unlikable Ben Garnet is left for dead soon after accusing Horace of impregnating Cleo, his own prize spaniel, John has a chance to sample Highland justice from the other side of the stream."
Bloodlines ($20.95; Feb. 17; 224 pp.; 0-312-18052-7): Would kennel-keeper and occasional sleuth (Mad Dogs and Scotsmen, 1996, etc.) Read full book review >
SINK OR SWIM by Gerald Hammond
Released: May 17, 1997

"This time, though, the skein's a little too tangled, and the unraveling a little too muddled—though housebound Wallace is certainly one of Hammond's liveliest narrators."
It looks as if Wallace James's heart attack will sideline him not only from shooting and fishing but from nosing around into the drowning of Newton Lauder squire Kenneth Berry, who was evidently nearly saved by his archenemy, Colonel Ivor McInsch, MP. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 18, 1996

"One of the happiest of Hammond's Highland flings."
In the middle of loading biochemist Noel Cochrane's black Lab dog, Jove, into his car so that Noel can remove him from quarantine for a posting to the States, John Cunninghman (Sting in the Tail, 1995, etc.) looks up to see that his car is gone, along with his shotgun, a briefcase of Noel's, and Jove. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 11, 1996

"Newcomers to veteran Hammond's Highlands would do better to cut their teeth on Sting in the Tail (p. 988)."
Ronnie Calder and his niece Deborah Fellowes, hunting foxes one evening, startle a stranger who leaves behind a set of fingerprints—and later a stolen shotgun—that lead the pair, and Deborah's CID husband Ian, back to the two-year-old deaths of sharp-dealing car salesman Nathaniel Connerty and Daniel Graham, one of the biggest investors in Nat's schemes. Read full book review >
STING IN THE TAIL by Gerald Hammond
Released: Aug. 23, 1995

"Hammond's 35th novel (Hook or Crook, 1995, etc., etc.) has the same quiet, sturdy virtues of all his Highland tales."
Why would somebody cut off the tail of Charlie Hopewell's springer spaniel Clarence? Read full book review >
THIN AIR by Gerald Hammond
Released: Dec. 13, 1994

"Of interest mainly, it would seem, to other alert gunsmiths."
It's no surprise that somebody has shot cantankerous Old Murdo Heminson, Sir Peter Hay's tenant farmer at Easter Coullie Farm. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 1994

"The plot lines are cluttered, and there's the usual ration of dog lore, but the cozy setting and the likeable Cunninghams make Hammond's latest an easygoing, mildly engaging read."
Hardly a dull moment at Three Oaks Kennels (scene of Doghouse, 1992, etc.), the Scottish dog breeding/training farm owned and run by ex-army captain John Cunningham, his wife, Beth, and their older friends Isobel and Henry Fitts, with an assist from the aptly named young Daffy. Read full book review >
GIVE A DOG A NAME by Gerald Hammond
Released: June 16, 1993

"An often confusing puzzle neatly resolved; to be enjoyed most by lovers of dogs, especially those of the hunting kind."
A tricky challenge for ex-army Captain John Cunningham (Doghouse, 1992, etc.), who, along with wife Beth and neighbor Isobel, runs dog-breeding and training kennels at Three Oaks Farm in the Scottish Highlands. Read full book review >
SNATCH CROP by Gerald Hammond
Released: Feb. 25, 1993

"Mildly entertaining stuff—add a plus for gun and field aficionados."
Hammond's onetime Scottish hero, gunsmith-sleuth Keith Calder (In Camera, p. 355), has recently taken a backseat to his spunky daughter Deborah, newly married to Inspector Ian Fellowes of the local police and very involved in her new business—preparing and marketing game birds. Read full book review >
DOGHOUSE by Gerald Hammond
Released: Aug. 18, 1992

"Strictly for special interests."
This time out, Scottish dog-trainer-breeder John Cunningham (Whose Dog Are You?, 1991) becomes embroiled in a complex murder scheme when wildlife painter George Muir—an uncle of John's wife Beth—dies in a seemingly accidental explosion in his home studio. Read full book review >
IN CAMERA by Gerald Hammond
Released: April 16, 1992

"Gunlore, kept below brain-glazing levels, is varied with livelier sailing-lore—but this time out, Hammond has come up with a zingy plot, nonstop action, and lots of interesting character interplay to produce a winner."
The author's Scottish hero, gunsmith Keith Calder (Home to Roost, etc.), finally hits a bull's-eye, in tandem with Detective Sergeant Ian Fellowes, his daughter Deborah's suitor. Read full book review >
HOME TO ROOST by Gerald Hammond
Released: Dec. 23, 1991

"362) has done much, much better."
Keith Calder, the author's gun-expert/sleuth, has a small but crucial role in this balky adventure. Read full book review >
LET US PREY by Gerald Hammond
Released: Aug. 1, 1991

"Amiable and gently humorous, but readers not into guns and birds may be dropouts before it's all over."
Gun-and-game expert Keith Calder's newest exploit is shared by kindly, middle-aged solicitor Ralph Enterkin (Sauce for the Pigeon, 1985, etc.), who narrates the story. Read full book review >
WHOSE DOG ARE YOU? by Gerald Hammond
Released: April 23, 1991

"The denouement is clever—along with nicely realized minor characters and the Scottish background, the best part of a story most pleasing to gun-, hunting-, and dog-fanciers, moderately entertaning to others."
Out duck-hunting one early morning, the dog-breeding, hunting expert John Cunningham and his sweet kennel-keeper bride Beth (Dog in the Dark) discover a body and, nearby, a dog running loose. Read full book review >