Books by Gerry Adams

Released: Nov. 11, 2003

"An account that will likely satisfy those with republican sympathies. A truly objective take on the Troubles and the peacemaking process will probably have to be written by a Martian."
A partial, partisan view of the process by which Northern Ireland's warring factions were brought to conference in the mid-1990s, a process that yielded the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. Read full book review >
BEFORE THE DAWN by Gerry Adams
Released: Feb. 1, 1997

"An eloquent and persuasive presentation of recent Irish history. (For the life of an earlier Irish rebel, see John Mackay's Michael Collins, p. 1656.)"
In this compelling memoir of his early life, the president of Sinn FÇin, the political wing of the IRA, recalls the development of the modern ``Troubles'' in Northern Ireland and his own central role in them, culminating in the tragic hunger strike by incarcerated IRA members in 1981. Read full book review >