Books by Gilly Marklew

RIDING THE STORM by Salamanda Drake
Released: June 1, 2008

In this second in a series, the friendship between dragon riders Cara and Breena is almost destroyed and their dragons injured through the machinations of the spoiled and jealous Hortense. The rather predictable plot also involves adventure—a disastrous crash-landing that leaves Breena and her dragon in danger of drowning—and interspecies cooperation—Cara's new friendship with a merboy contributes to Breena's rescue. Rather than ponies or horses, these girls ride dragons and compete against three other stables on their fantasy island but otherwise this series has the same appeal as pony book series like The Saddle Club. Along with exciting flights and details of the dragon-riding competition, there is an appended chapter of tools and procedures for caring for your dragon. An introductory map and plentiful black-and-white illustrations add to its charm. The pseudonymous author claims to be from this fantasy world. Frankly a sequel, this will probably be grabbed by girls who loved the first installment. (Fantasy. 8-12)Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 1993

An attractive small (7'' x 6'') volume of 26 poems, many very familiar (Farjeon, de la Mare), but with some charming surprises (Dorothy Wordsworth; an evocative ``Watching You Skating,'' by Adrian Mitchell). Most are of high quality, though Frances Frost's ``Dandelions'' is relatively undistinguished, and William Jay Smith's ``Unicorn'' must be here for its subject. The range in difficulty is also great: Blake's ``Ah! Sunflower'' (``...Where the Youth pined away with desire,/And the pale Virgin shrouded in snow/Arise from their graves,...'') is an odd companion to Stevenson's ``Happy Thought.'' But Marklew's delicate, realistic watercolors are full of charm and good cheer- -the mischievous child who gleefully confides ``I have eaten/the plums'' (``This Is Just to Say,'' by William Carlos Williams) is enchanting. A little miscellaneous, but a book worth rediscovering at different ages. In the same format, Walsh's The Little Book of Prayers (nondenominational and Christian), illustrated by Inga Moore (ISBN: 1-85697-888-5). Index. (Poetry/Picture book. 4+) Read full book review >