Books by Glen Apseloff

LETHAL CURE by Glen Apseloff
Released: Dec. 4, 2013

"Like running up a spiral staircase—you might see where it's going, but the twists will leave you dizzy."
In Apseloff's (Overdose, 2013, etc.) medical thriller, a doctor finds that recent strange events, such as his inability to remember an entire day, connect to his all-expenses-paid trip to Italy. Read full book review >
OVERDOSE by Glen Apseloff
Released: Dec. 2, 2013

"An intriguing thriller set against a backdrop of clinical drug tests and medical research."
In Apseloff's (Dying to Remember, 2013) latest medical thriller, a clinical drug trial turns deadly and a doctor goes on the run to track down her would-be killer. Read full book review >
DYING TO REMEMBER by Glen Apseloff

"A slightly uneven but engaging read that should satisfy fans of mysteries and medical dramas."
In this debut mystery/thriller, a doctor loses his short-term memory and learns over and over again that his wife has been murdered. Read full book review >