Books by Gloria D. Miklowitz

CAMOUFLAGE by Gloria D. Miklowitz
Released: March 1, 1998

"Several questions are unanswered, such as who shot Hiram, and the identity of the mysterious prowlers; still, along with the moderately suspenseful plot, Miklowitz creates a realistic conflict in Kyle between his hero worship and his emerging sense of right and wrong. (Fiction. 11-13)"
Miklowitz (Past Forgiving, 1995, etc.), manipulating aspects of current events into a unclouded message, sends a Los Angeles teenager out of the frying pan and into the fire: He escapes his mother, whom he finds unreasonable and demanding, by moving in with his admired father, who turns out to be the leader of an underground militia. Read full book review >
PAST FORGIVING by Gloria D. Miklowitz
Released: June 1, 1995

"Good intentions; minor flaws. (Fiction. 12+)"
A story as timely as today's headlines. Read full book review >